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Finally, we have located our project on the world wide web, which we have proudly named SIGGMA, Society of Geodetic Engineers, Geomatics and Surveyors of Venezuela. We are determined to capitalize on all the advantages of digital platforms so that SIGGMA, as a non-profit organization, allows interconnecting and enhancing synergy and cooperation between Venezuelan professionals and students of our profession and related areas located around the world.

This project, which was born under the name IGLUZ Web Map, and which has rapidly evolved to the SIGGMA concept, focuses essentially on enhancing job opportunities, comprehensive professional development and leadership within and outside of Venezuela for our community.

SIGGMA is distinguished by being a trade union organization with a wide spectrum, with global coverage, and whose model is oriented to provide information, services and tools at no cost.
We want those who join to feel comfortable and free to participate and generate their own contributions, in addition to feeling open to receive what with ethics, respect and professionalism we wish to spread with the sole purpose of strengthening our union, in times where the location Geographic has become an important differentiating variable for the exercise of our profession.

We hope that in a short time we can consolidate an organized community of professionals, which can be recognized worldwide for its leadership, values, principles and professional ethics. In addition, we feel in the moral responsibility to give back with alliances and concrete practices to our respective universities, which increasingly face greater obstacles to the training of new professionals.

We want SIGMA to be for all of you a friendly, enjoyable, useful and strategic experience that will serve as professional support wherever you are. We invite you to explore, learn about and, why not, join our community so that together we can build a virtual union space open to listening and sharing your concerns, ideas, projects and achievements.


Hermogenes Suarez
Founder / President